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Build a diversified portfolio that uses smart technology to manage accumulation, transition to retirement or pension portfolios.
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Mason Stevens Super

A truly global superannuation and pension solution

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Mason Stevens Super allows you and your Adviser to build a tailored and diversified portfolio of global assets, and manage and view your account securely online.

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Investment Guide
Mason Stevens Super Annual Report 2018/2019

Global diversification

Mason Stevens Super lets you invest in direct assets in most world markets. You can invest in direct Australian and international equities, fixed income securities, managed funds, managed portfolios, cash and term deposits.

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Flexibility to suit your life stage

You can choose an account depending on your life stage and seamlessly move from one account to the other (when required).

Accumulation – save and build wealth for retirement.

Transition to retirement – reached preservation age but not ready to retire.

Pension – retire and draw down a regular income.

How it works

As a member of Mason Stevens Super, you and your Adviser can create a portfolio to invest in a range of global assets from a wide investment menu. You can also select managed portfolios that combine a mix of assets depending on specific risk and return objectives, that are professionally managed.

See the PDS for more information about how it works and the types of contributions you can make depending on your life stage.

Superannuation with smart technology

All buying, selling and reporting of investments held in your account occurs in one place, making it easy for you and your Adviser to administer and manage your superannuation.

Full visibility and reporting

You have secure access to your portfolio online, at any time. View your portfolio valuation, performance and any investment changes. You can download and save performance and tax reports.

Personal insurance options

Death, TPD and income protection is available to provide insurance cover, should you need it. Choose from a selection of leading providers including;


Opening an Account

The Application process is seamless and online.

To become a member of the Fund, you will need a licensed Financial Adviser.

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After receiving advice, read the PDS, the Additional Information Guide, the Investment Guide and any other related disclosure documents.

Step 2

Complete the application and receive access to your account online.
Accept the terms and conditions. Your account will be active and you can start accepting rollovers or contributions and set up your investments.

You can access important information and updates about the Fund here.

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Diversa Trustees Limited (“the Trustee”) ABN 49 006 421 638, AFSL 235153, RSE Licence No.L0000635, in its capacity as Trustee of Mason Stevens Super (the “Fund”) an APRA-regulated fund ABN 34 422 545 198. The Trustee is required to disclose certain Trustee, Fund information and documentation on a website. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: the trust deed, the PDS, the most recent Annual Report and the names of each material outsourced service provider to the Fund. Please see the Trustee’s website (

Mason Stevens Limited (“Mason Stevens”) ABN 91 141 447 207 (AFSL 351578) is the Sponsor and Promoter of the Fund. Mason Stevens may sub contract all or some of its Promoter activities and functions to other professional service providers. An investment in the Fund is neither a deposit nor liability of Mason Stevens Group of companies, or the Trustee or any of their associated entities. Fund members and their financial advisers can access account and investment information, as well as making transactions through the secure, online Mason Stevens investment service (“the Service”).

Mason Stevens Asset Management (“MSAM”) ABN 92 141 447 654 is the Investment Manager of the Fund. MSAM may sub contract the activities of all or some of its investment functions to other investment managers, including your financial adviser or their related companies, for specific financial products or strategies within Mason Stevens Super. These investment managers are appointed by MSAM through a due diligence selection process where the investment managers are ultimately approved by the Trustee.