Agility is not a luxury

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TO SUCCEED, let alone grow your business these days, an adviser must be agile.

You certainly can’t afford to be held back by your operational infrastructure.  That’s why the solutions offered through our Mason Stevens Global Administration Service allow you to be as agile and flexible as required.

Today, clients expect to be able to own international equities and fixed income directly, not just through a managed fund, and they expect it to happen now – not tomorrow or the next day, but in the next few minutes.

They want their adviser to have a multi-asset, multi-currency capability and access to a truly open universe of investments, including managed accounts.



Global market access

By giving you direct global access to all asset classes and security types, we help you deliver high quality portfolios and investment outcomes to your clients.

One of the biggest hidden costs of investing can be inefficient execution of transactions.   Our transactions are executed in house and in real time through over 50 dealing and broking partners across the globe.  So, when opportunities emerge, you can move quickly to manage risk and maximise opportunities.

Market leading technology

A managed accounts strategy automates your investment processes and streamlines your administration – saving you time, reducing your costs and improving your risk management processes.
With streamlined processes your administration is efficient – when portfolio information needs to be changed, it only needs to be done once. With a scalable investment solution,  you’ll have different client meetings.
Using marketing leading technology, you and your clients can view portfolio information and transact online. All data is protected so you can both have absolute confidence that your information is secure.

Client experience

Do you want to spend more time with your clients and less time on administration?

With a managed accounts strategy in place, you can enrich the experience your clients have with you. You’ll have more more face-to-face time with them.  Now, your annual client review meetings become more about new investment opportunities and less about existing investment performance reviews.