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Separately Managed Accounts

Direct ownership of securities that you can see in a professionally managed portfolio

Our managers are carefully selected for their ability to run concentrated active portfolios. Through separately managed accounts (also known as managed discretionary accounts), you have complete portfolio visibility and administration efficiency.

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Multi-Asset, Multi-Currency Investments

Reach markets and opportunities across the world


01Global Assets

Purchase direct securities listed on most global exchanges, or use managed funds or Separately Managed Accounts.

Australia makes up only 3% of the global market capitalisation. Gain the global diversification your clients seek.

02Global Currency

Hold currencies in other countries. Manage foreign currency risk within client portfolios.

03Derivatives & Commodities

Buy options and commodities futures in select markets. Apply a greater focus on risk management.

Credit Fund

An active strategy focused on regular income and capital stability

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01Investment Objective

The Credit Fund aims to generate returns in excess of 2.5% pa above the RBA Cash Rate after fees and expenses.

02Invests in global quality debt

Which means higher liquidity and peace of mind.

03Recognised track record

Historical returns that have outperformed its benchmark coupled with low volatility.

Fixed Income Model Portfolio

An Australian fixed income model portfolio providing transparency

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01Investment Objective

The Australian Fixed Income Model Portfolio aims to generate returns in excess of 2% pa above the RBA Cash Rate after fees.

02Invests in Australian quality debt

Invests in unlisted and listed Australian fixed income securities which means higher liquidity and peace of mind.

03Complete portfolio solution

It combines professional investment management with custody, execution, administration and complete reporting.

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