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01Global Market Access

Gain direct global market access anytime, anywhere. Transact and report on securities, in all major asset classes and currencies. Your clients have the ultimate portfolio visibility through a secure online service.

02Improve Client Outcomes

Create high quality investment portfolios by security or use managed discretionary portfolios – or both. Live execution through our in-house dealing capability means greater portfolio efficiencies.

03Scale your Practice

Tailor investment portfolios across your client base.  Implement portfolio changes consistently to mitigate risk and create practice scale. Gain back time to spend on strategic client needs and grow your practice.


A truly global and diverse investment offering

Access to an open investment universe brings opportunity and flexibility to drive performance outcomes. Discover the possibilities available to you.

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01Separately Managed Accounts

The professionally managed model portfolios on offer provide exposure to various asset classes and strategies, via concentrated portfolios of direct securities.

02Multi-Asset, Multi-Currency Investments

By accessing major asset classes globally, you can build direct portfolios or blend investments using direct stocks and bonds, ETFs, and managed funds. Hold investments in any major currency.

03Specialist Fixed Income

We believe investors should have access to high grade domestic and global fixed income assets that deliver reliable income, within a diversified portfolio.

We offer Advisers two strategies in fixed income, managed by our specialist asset management team.

Credit Fund Fixed Income Model Portfolio

Superannuation and Pension

Take control of assets within super. Build a diversified portfolio that uses smart technology to manage accumulation, transition to retirement or pension portfolios.

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01Global Investment Offering

Access to direct Australian and international equities, fixed income securities, managed funds and managed portfolios, cash and term deposits.

02Streamlined Administration

All buying, selling and reporting of investments occurs in one place, making it easy to administer and manage.

03Full Visibility

You and your clients have secure online access to view portfolio valuations, performance, any investment changes and download reports.

Mason Stevens for Advisers

Give your clients the upper hand in their investments

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