Mason Stevens Australian Fixed Income Model Portfolio

A transparent approach to generating income

An active strategy that seeks to provide consistent income and preserve capital. Designed for retail investors, the Model Portfolio is a comprehensive investment service providing access to fixed income securities (traditionally only available to institutional investors) combined with custody, execution, management, administration and reporting.
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Fixed Income Model Portfolio


Performance since inception (30 March 2016) to 30 June 2020: 4.68% pa^
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The Manager

Mason Stevens Asset Management is the manager of the portfolio. The portfolio management team is highly experienced and focused on delivering outcomes to investors.
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Investment Objective

The objective is to invest in a portfolio of AUD denominated investment grade securities that display strong risk adjusted return profiles, while delivering regular cash flow streams via income from coupons with minimal capital volatility.

Investment Strategy

The portfolio is constructed and regularly reviewed to appropriately reflect the current views and strategies of the investment team. The portfolio invests in AUD denominated fixed income securities, including bonds, subordinated debt securities, hybrids, residential mortgage-backed securities, asset backed securities, floating rate notes, cash and term deposits. Securities may be unlisted, or listed on an exchange.

Professionally Managed

A highly skilled and experienced team dedicated to managing a fixed income portfolio of investment grade securities.

Beneficial Ownership

The investment structure is a separately managed account which means clients invest directly into a portfolio of fixed income securities. Unlike a typical unitised fund, each individual client has beneficial ownership of the portfolio of securities – held in the client’s name through a fully transparent account.

Reliable Income Source

Regular income from investment grade fixed income securities and the potential for capital preservation – through a capital stable asset class.

Portfolio Performance

The Portfolio has delivered strong returns to investors coupled with low volatility.

The inception date is 30 March 2016.

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Investment Specialists that work with you

A passionate and focussed portfolio management team whose interests are aligned to investors.


Mason Stevens Australian Fixed Income SMA

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^The Model Portfolio Benchmark is the RBA Cash Rate. Returns are calculated net of management, performance, administration/custody and transaction fees, but excluding any adviser fees from the Model Portfolio’s inception date of 30/03/16, and assumes reinvestment of all income (but not franking credits). Returns are based on the theoretical performance of a portfolio which implemented the Model Portfolio based on simplifying assumptions and stock weightings. Actual individual returns of each client’s portfolio will differ depending on factors such as date of initial investment, timing of transactions, contributions and withdrawals, fees and any customisations. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and may not be achieved in the future. Each client should also take into account their own taxation situations. All information provided in this Report is correct as at the date of this Report.