An adviser view

5 habits of a successful Managed Account Adviser

Gareth Jakeman, Managing Director, Praescius Financial

  1. Rent the services, processes or systems that are necessary that take you away from the part that the client values most – relationship.
  2. No exceptions  commit to the process and do not allow exceptions or outliers in your business to distract.
  3. Invest in communication this means not only time, but get the assistance of professionals who can craft the message to internal and external stakeholders.
  4. Get out of the office and observe the world – read the views of people that don’t accord with your own – their different point of view is what makes the other part of the market that you are not in and they can be as right or as wrong as you, but you need to be open to understanding why.
  5. Avoid unnecessary meetings and learn to make your meetings sharp and to the point.


We talk to our clients openly about the reasons for doing what we have done. When you go through them, they are compelling and make a lot of sense.
December 2017